Project Delta Plus

MG Delta Plus

While I'm working on my Devil Gundam Project I will do a parallel custom on my Delta Plus

I'm loving this transformable master grade! I even watched the whole Unicorn series again from beginning because of this Delta Plus.

I have a couple of ideas after looking through a custom gundam by Shunneige.

His works are just amazing. Not to mention most of them are high grade. So much fine detail for a small kit. Obviously, I'm still a long way from that kind of detailing but there are several techniques I want to try out.

I'm comfortable with detailing master grade kit. Since I've done a few high grades and no grades. Now time to step up my game a little bit.

I'll post each process on my build on this post.

If you have any questions you can post it bellow. Or simply send me an email. Cheers.

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