Kotobukiya Build – Rayblade Impulse

Straight Build – Rayblade Impulse

This is Rayblade Impulse one of the new releases from Kotobukiya. I had one for pre-order couple of months ago.

And instead of stacking it on my backlog I build it straight away. Always wanted to try building kotobukiya kits for a while now.

I like the idea of transformable model kit so I thought I get experience on building one.

The inner frame is tightly joint together so I don't think I will be able to disassemble them for painting. However, the armor can be removed easily for detailing (custom panel lines and pla plates) and painting

I'll do more custom on this kit later after I'm done with my custom Devil Gundam which only about 5% done.

If you have any questions you can post it bellow. Or simply send me an email. Cheers.

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