Gunpla Tutorial – Tools & Symbols

Section #1 – Tools

In basic Gunpla building there are several tools that you should invest on:

The purpose of these tools will be explain as you go through the other tutorials, so keep reading if you are interested. 

  • Chapter 01_Basic Tools_Hobby Knife

    Hobby Knife is use for removing nub marks. This particular brand is Olfa. Replacement blades should be available in local art store.

  • Chapter 01_Basic Tools_Nipper

    Nippers are use for cutting gates and removing nub marks. These are low and mid range of nippers. Which does its job good enough and has good value for money.

  • Chapter 01_Basic Tools_Cutter

    Cutter can be use to removed mold marks. Which sometimes come from the factory. Can also be use to remove nub marks.

  • Chapter 01_Basic Tools_File Set

    Set of files usually use to remove nub marks. Use a combination of shapes according to the surface where the nub marks are located.

  • Chapter 01_Basic Tools_Scissors

    Scissors is a convenient tool to have

  • Chapter 01_Basic Tools_Tweezers

    Tweezers is usually use to apply stickers on Gunpla. As using bare hand is not recommended because the oil will make the sticker less sticky.

Section #2 – Tool Maintenance

  • Chapter 01_Tool Maintenance_Before Sanding

    Before sanding the nipper blade. Some rust build up is visible.

  • Chapter 01_Tool Maintenance_After Sanding

    After sanding the blade with a sanding stick no rust is visible.

Taking care of your tool will not only give you great result but also saves you $$$.

Tool x Maintenance x Technique = Result

The most common problem you most likely come across is rust build up on the blade of your nipper and knifes.

However, rust is very easy to remove just by sanding the blades. Also, you'll keep the blades sharp by sanding them now and then.

Gunpla Beginners Handbook 1.0

Guide book for gunpla Beginners. Exclusive step-by-step Tutorials (HD Videos) and Bonus Technique inside brought to you by Gunpla Jagat Raya.

Section #3 – Symbols

Since gunpla is made in Japan the guide book is most likely in Japanese Language. However, if you're buying the latest production from Bandai, the guide book is available is both Japanese and English.

Because you aren't always gonna buy the latest gunpla, I will share with you some translation for the common symbols that you will find on gunpla guidebook. 

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Assemble this part first.

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Assemble this part later.

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Choose either one to install.

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Seal (sticker) number.

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Install the same parts on both sides

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Move both of the sides

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Cut out part

  • Chapter 01_Symbols

    Pay attention to the orientation and assemble.

For more detailed tutorials on tools and symbols feel free to download my Gunpla Beginners Handbook 1.0 for free. Exclusive short video tutorials available inside.

If you have any questions or topics you wanna ask you can post it bellow. Or simply send me an email. Cheers.

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