Gunpla Tutorial – Nipper & Gates

Section #1 – Choosing a Nipper

Having so many nippers to choose from can be very confusing. I remember my first nipper was a cheap brand. All I could find on the internet and forums was people talking about godhand which is very expensive. Also tamiya which is less expensive but still expensive for my budget

However, in the end after doing a research I decide to buy mineshima instead since it falls in the mid range category and I always prefer new gunpla than expensive tools (unless there is no other choice).

  • You can easily spend $65 and get all of these. Instead of buying very expensive tools.

  • All these from complete tool set and 1 HG only cost you around $65.

And after using mineshima for few months now I find the result is good for the money I spent buying it. And with the proper maintenance (you can check previous tutorial) mineshima nipper should last for a long time.

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Section #2 – Utilising Nipper

  • Easy steps on removing gates.

  • Things to avoid when using nipper.

Nippers are design to cut thin plastic so be sure to use nipper to cut gates and not runer/sprue. If you want your nipper to last for a long time, use it only to cut gates. Use other tools to remove nub marks

Yes, some tutorials on youtube will go show you that nippers can be use to remove nub marks by cutting nub marks little by little. But I think knife will do the job just fine and your going to have to switch the blade anyway after some time.

So my advice is keep your nipper only to cut gates. And you’ve probably seen people broken their godhands because they used it on thick plastic. Yes, godhand is good as advertised but if you don’t know how to use you’re more likely to break it.

In the end, investing on mid range nipper, keeping it in top shape and understand how to properly use them will save you time (since you don’t have to deal with stress marks), money (since it will last for a long time) and you can spend that extra $$$ you save to get another gunpla!

For more detailed tutorials on nipper and gates feel free to download my Gunpla Beginners Handbook 1.0 for free. Exclusive short video tutorials available inside.

If you have any questions or topics you wanna ask you can post it bellow. Or simply send me an email. Cheers.

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