Gunpla Build – Neue Ziel

Straight Build – AMX 002 Neue Ziel

This is Mobile Armor Neue Ziel that appear on the final battle on the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

It's been stacking on my backlog for sometime now and I decided to straight build it your you guys in case you want check this mobile armor out. 

There are some work in progress pictures there for sure. Overall the kit is nice although I always prefer MG kits.

However, since I am modifying my Devil Gundam I'm going to merge this 2 kits into one. I already have some ideas for this custom build.

You can check the WIP on my Devil Gundam post. This custom is definitely going to be interesting as this is the first time ever I'm doing a kit bashing

I've checked some youtube videos and looked at short tutorials on pinterest. There are a lot of work to be done as far as the main body.

Also I'm planning to detail the kit later after the main body is complete.

If you have any questions you can post it bellow. Or simply send me an email. Cheers.

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